Greenwich Bay Brokers was founded in 2015 by Rhode Island real-estate attorney Sean O’Leary with an idea to streamline the real-estate buying and selling process by combining legal representation with brokerage representation. By doing so, clients could experience a single point of contact for all concerns during the real estate buying or selling process.

Taking this idea of vertical integration one step further Jennifer Cosgrove joined the team in 2019. Jen, an accomplished interior designer sought to add a softer touch to the firm. Jen leverages her years of design experience to provide guidance on the equally critical aesthetic elements of the home buying and selling process. Jen works with clients to make small or sometimes large changes to a property to ensure the full potential of every sale is made. Her experience also lends itself to the buying experience. Jen helps buyers understand what four bare white walls at an open house can look like with a little creativity. Her ideas can often be so transformative, clients often reach out for further advice even after the transaction has been completed, inquiries she's always happy to accept. 

Today, with a total team of ten agents and staff, Greenwich Bay Brokers stands ready to assist anyone in Rhode Island that seeks a knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced ally to assist in buying or selling a home.